Gas Turbine Services

Close up of a large gas turbineGas turbines and combined cycle units are a major part of the power generation mix for utilities and municipalities.  PPM’s gas turbine services offer total support for older units that are out of the OEM warranty period.  We prioritize the unique needs of your plant and can perform the work at a fraction of the cost of OEM’s, and we’re fully equipped to offer reliable gas turbine maintenance, repairs, and overhaul services, 24/7/365.

Efficient Management Helps Reduce Repair Costs and Downtime

For your outages, inspections, or emergency repairs, we provide efficient project management, tooling, and millwright services, with a focus on safety first.

To help reduce your risk of costly repairs, and maximize turbine performance, our experts can fully inspect your turbines and tailor a maintenance plan specific to your goals.

And if your gas turbine ever needs emergency repair, our service team can restore performance—quickly and effectively—helping to minimize plant downtime.

Our full range of gas turbine services include:

  • Balance of Plant (BOP) projects and demolition
  • Bore scope evaluation
  • Complete and partial unit overhauls
  • Control system evaluation
  • Efficiency data
  • Engineered modification
  • Generator control evaluation
  • Historical data analysis
  • Reverse engineering analysis
  • Training
  • Unit modification
  • Upgrade evaluation/analysis
  • Valuation of running data
  • Vibration analysis
  • Voltage regulator

Service for Many Brands and Models

We’re experts in servicing a variety of units, including:


  • 101G
  • 151G
  • 191G
  • 251 A/AA/B/B12
  • 301
  • 501 AA/B/C/D


  • Frame 3
  • 5D/K/L/M/N/P
  • 7A/B/E/EF