National Newspaper & Coated Paper Manufacturer

PPM rebuilt a boiler and digester, and installed new gas and fiber line pipe systems.

Exterior view of a paper manufacturer facility

Value Delivered

Through daily planned maintenance and capital construction responsibilities—as well as through large shutdowns and short-term capital projects—MOR PPM (PPM) lowered maintenance costs and improved forecasting with its flexible workforce.

PPM also helped speed up production, helped align job classifications, and improved safety performance at the mill dramatically.

PPM has been onsite at this project for over 30 years and the team has managed 50 to 350 personnel for ten consecutive years without an OSHA Lost Time Incident.

Client Objectives

This confidential client needed a flexible workforce to address a changing business landscape.

In addition they wanted to improve safety performance by leveraging PPM’s industry leading safety procedures and performance.

Scope of Services

PPM provided the following services:

  • Rebuilt an existing recovery boiler
  • Rebuilt and re-piped an existing continuous digester
  • Installed a new non-condensable gas pipe system
  • Installed a new fiber line pipe system