Outage Services/Industrial Shutdown/Turnarounds

PPM's full-service plant maintenance and shutdown planning allow for plant/facilities management and procedures continuity so that shutdown support can be handled within the same agreement. This allows our customers to focus on the upcoming shutdown and less time on contract management during this critical period.

Preventative Plant Maintenance Services Through Shutdowns, Outages & Turnarounds


In order for shutdown support to be handled in the same agreement, PPM offers full-service industrial plant maintenance and shutdown planning that allows for continuity in plant/facilities management and procedures.

During the critical period leading up to the shutdown, having a full-service industrial maintenance plan allows our customers to focus on the upcoming shutdown tasks and spend less time on contract management.


We use scheduled plant outages to investigate and identify process systems maintenance issues that could affect plant availability. We conduct thorough visual examinations and service inspections and perform operational checks and tests to establish mechanical and electrical (M&E) equipment maintainability, reliability, and availability. Our outage services also enhance a facility’s profitability by making the most productive use of capital resources.


While no two turnarounds are ever the same, you can rest assured that we will approach each project with the same professional intensity. We can manage the entire turnaround from start to finish, performing heat exchanger maintenance, vessel inspection, and valve and piping replacements. We also understand that turnarounds are costly and typically the most significant portion of the plant’s yearly maintenance. So we work quickly, efficiently, and safely.

PPM offers the following industrial shutdown, turnaround, and outage services:

  • On-site facilities maintenance team managers to focus on client communication
  • Installation and repair/replacement of M&E equipment on shutdown work
  • Assistance with the planning and scheduling before and during an outage
  • Outage work varying from one-day machine specific outages to several week plant cold outages
  • Preventative plant maintenance repair procedures
  • Emergency response to equipment breakdowns, providing quick mobilization 24/7

Contact us to learn more about plant maintenance shutdowns and the benefits of using an experienced contractor like PPM for planned industrial outages.